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I have traveled for a few years now and only recently learned what I can and cannot live without depending on the trip, shoes always get packed. But I recently read an article about the fees for baggage that basically said that with all the fees we have paid you could purchase any airline on the planet.

As a Canadian we already face the fact it is more expensive to travel within our own country than to fly internationally. Below is a great link about the struggles of a Canadian traveler


My question on this Thoughtful Thursday is

  1. Do you travel with only carry on?
  2. Do you check luggage and pay for addition weight or bags?
  3. Do you only fly with airline that offer free checked and carry on bags?
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    September 17, 2016

    In June of this year I went back to the U.S. from our home here in France. The trip was 18 days to visit family and attend my daughter’s university graduation. For the trip (on Norwegian Airline) I brought with me one 20 litre backpack. In it I carried 5 days worth of clothes, my laptop and the power cord, my camera and extra batteries and the charger, personal hygiene stuff (no liquids, I purchased all that stuff once I arrived), a sudoku book and a couple of pens, and my travel wallet. There was a man at the security check at the airport in Barcelona that asked me after he scanned my bag if I had checked luggage. I said, “Nope just this.” He told me that his wife’s makeup for 18 days of travel wouldn’t fit in the bag I had. I laughed and told him that I learned to travel light while hiking the Camino de Santiago. But in truth, Alan and I have been practicing our “fast and light” method of travel for years now ever since our first trip to Rome in 2011 when our luggage didn’t arrive until two days into our trip. These days we pack light and do laundry along the way. I just spent 10 days on the road last month visiting London, Venice, Florence, Rome and Paris and we found places to do laundry in all of those cities either at a laundromat or at the place we were staying. It is far easier to do laundry along the way than to pay for the baggage fees when paying the fees doesn’t guarantee that the airline will get both you and your luggage to the same destination at the same time!

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