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Airbnb – First Time Experience


New York City, it’s a bucket list city and Airbnb a great combination. Therefore, we decided to do it over a 4-day weekend. It was a whirlwind trip with some very tired feet at the end. And for the first time, we booked Airbnb. I should tell you a secret, I wasn’t that excited about going. Never having booked an Airbnb before I had no idea what to expect and to be frank was a little weirded out by sleeping in someone else’s bed. But wait that’s exactly what you do every time you stay in a hotel.

Being from Hamilton ON, we have a slight advantage to road-trip travel. Getting to a few major cities in the US is only within a 7 – 9-hour drive, Washington (8 hours), Chicago (8 hours) New York (7 hours) so it makes for a great long weekend getaway.

Airbnb Booking, Simple!

Becoming a member of Airbnb is simple and easy. All you have to do is get yourself an account here,   Start checking out places around the world. The only issue I had with this is if you don’t know the area you may end up in a neighborhood that you can’t walk around in at night like we did! Since staying in New York City, Manhattan would have broken the bank for us we opted to stay just over the river in Newark, New Jersey. Apparently, this is not the best area to be in after dusk. But it was a busy first night we were there in downtown Newark with a concert of Lionel Ritchie and Mariah Carey at the Prudential Center just down the street from our Condo. You can imagine how difficult this made finding a restaurant and parking was.

Newark Airbnb
Downtown Newark

Our Experience

Overall the condo was decently furnished, clean and had the amenities we needed. This included a fridge, microwave, washroom, bed. What more do you need? There was a free parking space so that was great. This easily saved us $35 a night for parking compared to a hotel. Once we got to the condo, I admit it was a bit strange to be staying at someone’s home. But I quickly realized by the lack of personal items that they do not stay here very often so I just thought of it as a hotel room.

The hosts were kind enough to leave slippers by the door, comfy croc ones too. Also, a bonus is the Wi-Fi, no extra cost, another saving of $14 or more a day. You may also find small amenities in the house like small shampoo bottles and towels for your use, which we did.  It was a great idea and so appreciated since I forgot shampoo.

Airbnb it’s all about Location, Location, Location

Newark Airbnb
Downtown Newark


Newark Airbnb
Newark Penn Station

Our Airbnb might not have been in the best neighborhood, but it was easy to get to from the interstate without too many twists and turns. It was a


nice 15-minute walk every morning to the Newark Penn Station. From there you can catch the PATH Train directly into Manhattan. The PATH train goes from the Penn station Newark to the World Trade Centre where you get to anywhere from there. In the end, make sure you search the area as best as you can before booking, especially if walking around at night is your thing.




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