Adventure within an Adventure – Renfe in Spain

By on August 12, 2013

So we get 2 adventures for the price of well way more than one adventure. But here we go.  We have just purchased our train tickets on line. We did use a travel agent to help us navigate through some language barriers. That means we will have to find our way through the airport in Madrid to the Metro. Then take the Metro for about 50 min to the train station.And finally, find our train our train that will take us for 3 hours to Pamplona which is our starting point for the Camino.

Renfe Adventure

Renfe is the high-speed train as part of Rail Europe that runs from Paris to Lyon and everywhere in between. If you want to travel in comfort and get there quick this is how you should go. It is easier now to buy tickets online just select your dates and start/end points a eureka a price shows up. The most common routes for Pilgrims is between Madrid or Barcelona and Santiago. Of course this all depends on where you start the Camino. We had flown into Madrid so it was easy to get to our starting point.

We purchased economy class tickets. Which is just as nice as any train coming out of Toronto by the way. And after the hectic adventure to get to the train station, at least the train has a bar car. Which we may need by then because Jeff is going to be in full panic mode:) This is the first time we showed up at an airport without a tour guide holding a sign directing us to our bus. Oh I should mention we will be catching the same train from Santiago to Madrid as the one that just crashed, but by then the best safety measures in the world will be in place right, right?

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