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Adventure Travel – I Made My Husband Do It!

Adventure travel, do you have a spouse, partner or friend who needs to be convinced? I did at one time. Although he did not need convincing to do an all-inclusive, I mean who wouldn’t want to hang out by a pool drinking beer all day long. But to really travel, get to the heart of the city that needed convincing.

Leaving the resort

This was the first step. Let’s get off the resort and see what the country has to offer. Even if it is only a paid tour group and the “locals” are staged there for your enjoyment. It means leaving a comfort zone and taking that first step. We started by doing some trips to local waterfalls, farms, and snorkeling.  Then we ventured out on our own by taxi to visit the Tulum ruins, and even walked to a shopping market in Dominican Republic.

There is so much to see just outside that gate if you’re brave enough to look. Here’s my tips for getting around. Ask the concierge at the hotel what is good to see, they will tell you what the best sites are and maybe ones that are not so crowded. They can often assist with taxi’s or private drivers. When we were in Cuba the bell man assisted us to get one of the old 50’s cars with a private driver and tour guide to take us to Havana for the day. It was the best trip. We had a private tour guide who explained everything and let us wander around at our own pace.

Time to test his adventurousness

I had been working in Vancouver, the other side of the country from where my husband was living at that time. That’s when I saw it, a newspaper article about the Camino, this was in 2010. It took me three years to finally convince him we should walk 600 Km across Spain with nothing but a pack back and a painted yellow arrow to guide us.

Adventure Travel Walk the Camino
Almost there, Not
Adventure travel
Wine from the wall
Adventure Travel Traveling meals
Dinner on the road, really
Adventure travel
Starting the Camino

It’s invigorating, scary, adventurous and liberating to just get a on a plane and fly to another country with only a guide map and a vague idea of what your doing and no real plans except to walk. This was our first step into the Semi-Adventurous life, and we haven’t looked back.

How to match an adventure travel trip?

How to match an adventure like walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela? Climb one of the seven wonders of the world! So that’s what we did in 2015 we headed to Peru to climb Machu Picchu. My first thought was, I got this I walked about 600 km over 32 days I can climb a mountain for 4 days. I was so very wrong! But I was so glad that I did it. Now I am planning to go back with a group to show them the wonderful adventure that I experienced.

Adventure Travel
We made it to the top of the mountain
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