About – Jeffrey

Hi, my name is Jeffrey and I’m addicted to travel.
My addictions started simple enough.  I had planned a trip with my then girlfriend to Florida but that ended up being cancelled.  I decided to take a trip by myself to Mexico instead. I ended up in a place called, appropriately enough, “Crazy Angels” in Manzanillo just South of Puerto Vallarta on the West coast.
For years after that I continued to do the “Resort Thing” and a few trips to places to Los Vegas, Boston and Vancouver.
Then I met Michelle and I introduced her to Mexico.  Years later she decided to go for a little walk in Spain. Being the loving Hubby that I am, I said sure. I figured she’s forget. Nope. We ended up walking the Camino de Santiago for 28 days, staying in hostels and busting every fear
I’m just a normal guy who works Monday to Friday and here we were going to take 5 weeks to walk 700 km.  I figured I should record it somewhere and that is how I ended up starting to write a blog called “CanadianOnTheWay. I’m not a writer and have never penned anything before starting in 2013.  The grammar is going to be rough and the story a bit meandering.
And that, in a nutshell is Jeffrey.