A 2010 Vancouver Olympic Vacation Review

By on February 16, 2014

Welcome to part 2 of my photo look-back at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

Olympic Medals

The Canadian Mint, who made the medals, had a great pavilion where you could go in and see the process on how

You’re not to wear them unless you won one.

they were created.  From concept to completion, they had all the steps. Some interesting facts about that year’s medals:

  • Each set of game medals, Olympic and Para-Olympic, were based on one Native American image.
  • If all medals were put together they would recreate these images.
  • The uneven surfaces were a new technique and represented the mountains of the Winter Games.





I really enjoyed the Aerial event but the lottery used to award tickets only gave us standing room tickets and the warm temperatures on the mountain limited the safe standing area.  All of my images have light poles or other unattractive objects included in them.  These are two of my best cropped and edited efforts.

Whistler Olympic Sliding Center

We once again were at the Sliding Center for Men’s’ Bobsled this time.  The best photos this time were taken at the finish line.  This is where they loaded up cars up into trucks to be taken back to the starting line.  The weather was very poor this day with lots of rain.  I didn’t end up with much in the way of trackside photos. Even with the poor weather bringing our spirits down, the event was a great experience.  Those sleds sound like full trains coming at you as they come around those bends.

Thank you for joining me on my flashback and hope you enjoyed my photos. See you again soon.



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