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7 ways that travel can bring a couple closer together

Couples Travel Advise

Can you Travel as a Couple?

First of all, we’ve all been there. As a couple starting a vacation and therefore an argument ensues. I am not sure if we have ever started a vacation without an argument. It’s something to be aware of and can make or break your trip. Learning from your mistakes can help as a traveling couple. After reading this story we realized that all things applied to us.

Highs and Lows of a Traveling Couple

Travel couple
Time to rest on the Camino

We experienced some highs and lows in Spain. We were so excited about the walk we were about to take for 30 plus days. Then half way through when I had a spider bite, tired, blistered feet I broke down crying in the middle of the Meseta. It was my husband who took charge to comfort me and find a private hotel room for our next stop. It’s these times when we learn how strong the other one can be for you when you need it.


Time to connect as a couple

Many times on our travels we found ourselves on a long journey with no one but each other to talk to.  Walking 20 km’s a day in Spain for 30 days, 10-hour bus ride from Cusco to Puno can be a strain on the conversation.  Sometimes it is just nice to “be” with each other, no talking necessary.

Depending on each other’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Surviving Hurricane Rena in Mexico at the Occidental Xcaret


Finally, during a trip to Mexico, we experienced a hurricane and not a regular Tropical Storm.  This one included evacuation and muster in a convention centre ballroom. It seemed a bit nerve wracking to start with but we found the information centre and got caught up on the procedures to follow. We relied on each other to make sure that we were together and had all our important documents. Once we were allowed back to our rooms we took charge helping others around our building with a flashlight. It was great working as a couple to help others.


I am not going to recount all 7 ways you can read this wonderful article that clearly shows a happy couple traveling together.



There is hope for us as we start our Journey, thanks @NOMADasaurus for the inspiration.

Jarryd Salem, one-half of travel-blogging couple NOMADasaurus, outlines the ways traveling together can make a couple stronger and happier

Source: 7 ways that travel can bring a couple closer together | Advice | Wanderlust

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