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5 Tips to be a Sustainable Traveller at a Resort

How can you be Sustainable Traveller at an all inclusive resort? I have been to many and while some are doing their best to be sustainable many are still a long ways off.  Here is our best 5 tips to help reduce your footprint on the local Eco system.

Our sustainable tips


  1. Plastic straws, there is a worldwide movement to eliminate them but they are still a staple product for your fancy drink in the Caribbean. Bring your own metal or better yet silicon straws with a cleaner. Using the silicon ones or metal one with silicon tips are best save your lips from getting burnt.
  2. Bring your own cup. You will find many people bring their own bubba jugs to fill up and keep things cold but we have purchased red solo cups that are hard plastic and reusable. We wash them out every night and then we do not have to rely on the tiny little cups they use for our drinks.

    Sustainable traveller
    My red solo cup goes everywhere with me
  3. Towels, have you seen how many towels they go through in one day. We get one towel for the week and bring our own large ones. Save the amount of washing that needs to be done.

    Sustainable travel
    Our cabana with our own towels
  4. Dinner time, yes you can get a new plate every time you go to the buffet but do you have to? Your mother would kill you if you did that at home, so try taking smaller portions and reusing your plate.
  5. Lastly and most important, do not support the wildlife trade by buying photos with animals, especially endangered ones. Monkeys, iguanas, parrots and dolphins are a huge business in the Caribbean but often not very humane. The picture below was from a family farm we happened on during a hike. Check out the good work being done by World Animal Protection

    Sustainable traveller
    Who doesn’t want to hold a baby goat, from a family farm we happen to pass by.

Final thoughts on being a sustainable traveller


Anyone can do it and it only take a few of us to start making a big difference. This is our tips and what we stand by as experienced travellers to the Caribbean. We hope everyone does their part to be a Sustainable Traveller where ever you may go.

We would love to hear your tips for a sustainable trip, share them below and continue to follow Oh What a Journey.



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