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What to do with 48 Hours in NYC

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Lady Liberty NYCIsn’t she beautiful? I must confess, one of the reasons for our 48 hours in NYC was so I could photograph the Statue of Liberty. Now, it was also recently Michelle’s birthday, so that was ultimately the real reason we went. We were away for four days total, but we only spent two days in New York City.

How can you go to one of the most expensive cities in the world for two days and not spend much you might ask? Well, it was damn hard. In those 48 hours, we were tempted by lots of things. Every corner has someone selling something, so it’s best to have a plan. I knew our time was limited, so my plan confined us mostly to below Central Park. In fact, most of the things I had on my list in NYC were South of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Where to stay you Ask?

First off, stay in New Jersey. We found a place in Newark. Wasn’t the best neighborhood but Penn Station was a 15-minute walk, and it takes you right into the World Trade transportation hub. Our next plan is to do Hoboken; you should check it out. Michelle wrote a post about the AirB&B we used. A few people suggested we stay directly in the Big City, but we knew there was no way. Even if we found a cheap enough hotel the added costs of internet and parking were outrageous.

On to the NYC tour so to speak.

We started at World Trade hub, and it is beautiful. It’s worth the visit just to walk around the concourse even if you don’t partake of the stores. The area is called the Oculus, and they say the place is built to look like a dove of peace. It connects the trains from the PATH system to 1, 2, 3 & A, C, E Subways. Once you make your way above the terminal you will find the two reflecting pools in the foot prints of the old Twin Towers. The names of the 9/11 victims are inscribed around the edge of the waterfall of the pools with Freedom tower reaching up overhead. You can take a tour up to the top of the tower where there is an observation platform. We didn’t go up; there was a cost. There also seems to be construction taking place everywhere on the plaza.

Battery Park & the Staten Island Ferry

From the world trade site, we walked South to Battery Park. Alternatively, I’d suggest walking down towards the Hudson River to the West then South to reach Battery Park. We went right down Greenwich and had to do some back tracking. From there you can take the Staten Island ferry for free past the Statue of Liberty. Yep, free. You are assaulted by ticket sellers as soon as you reach the park, and it intensifies closer to Battery Place and State Street. There are people in blue vests selling tours to the Statue and Ellis Island. Fortunately, they are pretty polite if you say you are heading to Staten Island. They will even point you in the right direction.

Finding the right Vantage Point

Once you arrive at the terminal, head up stairs and get to the front of the line. The best standing areas disappear quickly so get to the right side of the boat as soon as they allow access. Once you arrive on the other side, get back in line quickly. The crew turns things around pretty quickly. Or, you can do like we did if you want good photos. We waited for the next boat and found a perfect place. It’s worth the views of New York, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island.

Once back, walk around Battery Park if you didn’t do it earlier. There are lots of memorials and sites to take in. Also, this is where the tours to go to Ellis and the Statue are located. On the North side of Battery Place, across the street is the building where the “MIB offices” were located. I’m pretty sure if you do an internet search there are lots of movie sites around the park (and NYC in general)

Broadway & Wall St.

From Battery Park, we walked up Broadway to Wall St. Along the way is the Famous statue of the Bull. We didn’t get an excellent picture of it because there were way too many people crowding around. So, we continued along until Wall St where Trinity Church is. You can go inside and then take a walk around the graveyard. It’s very odd to stand in this place with skyscrapers all around and look at gravestone from the inception of NYC.

From this point walk down Wall St. towards the East river. Here is where the money is. The NYC Stock Exchange, Trump Tower, Tiffiney’s and all the other New York icons. I expected more I guess. I thought the streets would be wider and plated in Gold. We did go into Tiffiney’s to look around. It was what I expected. I even offered to buy Michelle a neckless, but she turned me down. I was speechless.

Brooklyn Bridge from South Sea Port

On the East River

At the end of this street is a pedestrian walkway and green space along the East River. Along here there are views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Long Island, and Brooklyn. There are also places to stop and rest under the FDR overpass above. Once we reached the bridge, we turned back into town and made our way to City Hall and the park. We sat down and looked at our maps planning our next steps. From here our walking tour ended. We walked over to the World Trade Hub again and jumped onto the Subway and headed to Time Square.

Time Square is sensory overload.

Towering Times Square  It is something you can only experience for yourself, but you do need to experience it. You can see the ball used for New Years at the one end. There are wild characters all looking to convince you to part with your money as tips. Time Square is the heart of Broadway. Ironically I didn’t know that before going, but all the stores wrap around the theaters in one big crazy glowing mess. We had a dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and then since we were on a roll spending money, We bought tickets to the Empire State building.  I’ll leave that story to another post.

Once done viewing the Sunset from the top of the City, we caught the subway back to the Hub then back on the train to Jersey.

<link to part 2>

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  1. Oh, great post. I have never been in NY, because I think it needs more time than other places. But you managed to see quite a lot in just 48 hours. Impressed! 🙂


      Your right 48 hours doesn’t give you much time but I did learn what I don’t need to see next time, not a fan of Times Square.

  2. Great post agree with most of the recommendations though would add the skyline and remove battery park for 48hs

  3. Great post! I love NYC and am always discovering something new every time I go. heading there in 2 weeks for just 4 days so this was a fitting post!

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