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17 days to go, Camino Preparedness

Camino Walking

So Monday rolls around and we had a lazy weekend with very little in the way of Camino training.  As you know if you’re following along,  I repacked my bag and made a list of everything I had. One thing I didn’t mention is I went and replace my shoes last week.  I had bought a pair of Salomon hiking shoes like my wife.  I loved them.  They had a VERY soft inner liner that breathed well but they rubbed on the top of my right foot dreadfully. And they were a GREAT deal! I’m not really a shopper but I got them for $98 down from $159. Even a bitter old guy like me likes that kinda deal.  Therefore, on Wednesday I got a great pair of Merrell’s which is what I usually wear as a daily shoe.  But the darn things were full price at $160.  Oh well.

Camino Training

So, Back to Monday where I started this story.  I laced up my new shoes that I’ve only worn around the house to make sure they are broken in properly. Throw my newly packed bag on and make my way down to work… all’s good. I make it in the expected time, no back/hip/shoulder pain and most importantly, no foot pain.

Now they forecasted rain today and I learned from cycling back and forth not to believe them.

Son of a gun, they got it right this time but fortunately this time it was just a like sprinkle before I left work.  It was cooler and my pace was quick and light.

Then I got to the foot of the Escarpment and big old drops of rain started to come down…. Remember that newly packed bag… I put my rain cover on the bottom of my sleeping bag. I bet I was quite a site digging to get that out, sling it over the bag and set out… only for the rain to stop.

Not that I’m complaining.  I really didn’t want a rain day but it was a lesson learned the easy way for once.  I’m going to make sure that cover is close to one of my zippered openings every time from now one.

Hope this one made you smile and Buen Camino. Oh What a Journey

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