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By on January 13, 2017

Have you ever been so excited about trying a new restaurant that maybe your expectations are a bit elevated? That may be the situation here. We decided to try the new Cuban restaurant in Hamilton with another couple as part of 52 new things in 52 weeks. I mean with access to so much more spices, meats it must be good, Right???

This is the most objective review I can give, it was a cute place, not very busy but busy enough for the one and only wait staff (also the owner) running around trying to keep up but it’s new I understand not having a lot of staff yet. We placed our orders and when Jeff ordered he asked for the octopus, but they weren’t sure if there was any left so he gave them a backup order, his dinner was a surprise since we never heard back whether they were out of Octopus or not.

Dinner came one at a time with about 5 minutes in between, awkward for the first person who got the meal. But still open mind it might be great food, WRONG! It held up to the reputation of Cuba’s food, very bland, my roast was dry and there was no flavour, the best part was the Yuca.

We finally finished our meals and they cleaned our table and we sat there waiting for about 30 minutes until we couldn’t wait anymore and asked the owners daughter, who by the way was running all over the restaurant and sliding on the floors to go tell her mommy we would like our bill.

Overall not our best experience but maybe in a few months if they are still around we will try again.

Never be afraid to try new food and new restaurants.


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