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Adventure within an Adventure – Renfe in Spain

By on August 12, 2013

So we get 2 adventures for the price of well way more than one adventure. But here we go.  We have just purchased our train tickets on line. We did use a travel agent to help us navigate through some language barriers. That means we will have to find our way…

Spain Camino walking backpack


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A Real Camino Backpack list

By on August 11, 2013

Camino Backpack Supplies
So today marks 18 days before we leave and since there is no hiking/training I turned my attention to my backpack.

I did decide to inventory my backpack.  this is what I have so far…

MEC 60L backpack cover
Source 2L hydration pack
GoalZero solar charger & battery…

Spain Camino walking backpack


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Walking To the Bar & Back Again

By on August 5, 2013

Walking – August 4th, 2013
25 days to go – Weather: Clear and Sunny, walking 14.15 km round trip. 3.5 hours with a 1-hour meal break.

“The Undermount”; sounds kinda Tolkien like doesn’t it.  Wish I had his writing chops. But on with today’s story.

For an early August morning, it was…

Shoes to walk with


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I Have hiking shoes, First step is to walk

By on July 29, 2012

Having good hiking shoes is the first step in beginning your training for the Camino. And walk we did, starting at 9 am in the morning. I admit it’s a bit later than I wanted but me, my husband and…

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