What does Semi-Adventurous Travel mean?

Only have two weeks vacation? Where do you go when you only have two weeks vacation? Don’t fear there is still fun and excitement to be had.

Yep I am married, let’s just say we are a smidge over 40 and not ready to give up the security of our full time jobs or my husbands pension. Yet!  We are waiting out retirement for another 5 years and then, yep we are outta here! No more Canadian winters for us.

Until then we are stuck with the vacation time the corporate life allows us. I have three weeks, he has seven. Yes, you heard that right 7 weeks Vacation.

So, we plan our own trips carefully, book our own flights, make our own itineraries. Sometimes it works out great and our arduous work pays off. Sometimes we end up in a dump of a hotel on the wrong side of town. But is is always a journey we are willing to take.

Travel Planning

Looking for ideas on your next trip, contact me to book. As a TICO certified travel agent in Ontario, Canada I can book all your travel, tours and activities.

How about a relaxing, all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean?

Maybe you want a bit more excitement and think you can do the Inka Trail and climb to Machu Picchu. By the way, yes you can! If you are looking to go skydiving, bungee jumping or heli-skiing in the Swiss alps, I can point you in the right direction. But I’ll be honest I would have no direct experience with something like that, remember we are Semi-Adventurous Travellers.

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Looking for the non-tour group to walk the Camino with? Then this is it. We will help you all along the way, meet you in Spain and walk with you along the way.

I will be there to answer questions, give advice, be a friend, someone to talk with or none of the above. It is your walk.

Reach out to us below if your interested, we can chat.

Travel Blogging

Freedom Lifestyle


Travelling for 2 weeks or two months our tips, tricks and reviews will help you along the way. Read all about travel adventures.

Camino de Santiago

Ever thought of taking a long walk, how about an 800 km hike? See how we hiked the Camino for 600 Km from Pamplona to Santiago.


Ever want to Dive? Check out our new passion for the underwater and see what it's like to learn about Scuba Diving and the wonders of the ocean

Hamilton Parks

Hamilton, ON

Hamilton, Ontario has so much to offer. See through the eyes of a local on how to get here, where to eat, and where to stay

Flag at rear of Boat


The Mayan Riviera, Mexico is a great place for the all inclusive vacation with a bit of semi-adventure thrown in.


Peru is more than Machu Picchu but our story starts there, with a very adventurous trek on the Inka Trail.

5 worst shoes for travel

Travel Tips

How to fit everything to a packpack, what to do with your tech on the road, traveling with a pets to name a few of the tips we have.


Never leave home without it as they say. Make sure you have the best plan, what your covered for and which countries require insurance.

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